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Occupational Purposes

Psychology support and services for organisations and people at work.

Recruitment and Personnel Selection

  • Task and KSA (i.e. Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) analysis
  • Cognitive Ability and Personality Assessment for Job Fit
  • Integration of data from the interview and assessment process for the final selection

Training and Leadership Development

  • Needs Analysis
  • Design and Development of Training Programme
  • Implementation of Training Programme
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of Training Programme

Performance Appraisal to improve individual and organisation’s outcomes by:

  • Making reward decisions
  • Improving performance through facilitation learning
  • Motivation of employees
  • Succession Planning
  • Identifying potential

Career Counseling and Personal Development

  • Finding appropriate work opportunities
  • Identifying career goals
  • Improving employment prospects

Organisational Behaviour, Change and Development

  • To improve the performance of employees and their organisations
  • Implementation of organisational development interventions
  • To increase the effectiveness of both employees and organisations after the intervention

Assessment and Management of special needs and disabilities in the workplace

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Design and Development of Support Programme
  • Implementation of Support Programme
  • Evaluation of Support Programme

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