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HCPC Registered Psychologist

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Dr Farah Khokhar-Cottrell, DPsych Health Psychology, MSc. Health Psychology, BSc Psychology & Biology, Rs. Hom, CPsychol, HCPC Registered Psychologist.

Expert In

  • Focusing on understanding and looking at how diseases, health or illness manifest in people, how this affects people psychologically in relation to their mental health, their physical health and their behaviours and how these are all determined.
  • What impacts social, cultural influences and the environmental factors has on the people’s health, illnesses and well-being.
  • how people react, cope and recover from illness, we carry out a range of healthcare based interventions with clients or client groups regarding health/well-being, prevention and support,  health and illness related consultancy work regarding health and wellbeing and also can work with government policy.
  • We are concerned with promoting health as well as prevention and treatment of disease and illness in the community plus also carrying out a  range of coaching/training for healthcare or clinical professionals.

About farah

Farah’s working life began as a clinical researcher within the pharmaceutical and clinical research industry. Where she worked as a clinical research associate and a project manager in several therapeutic areas ranging from alzhiermers, vascular dementia, muscular skeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and immunization programs in relation clinical drug trials. Whilst working within this industry for a total of eighteen years she has undertaken several generic work-tasks related to health psychology, such as patient illness assessment outcomes, patient informed consents, ethical matters related to good clinical practice, study bids, consultancy work, ethical submissions to competent authorities and provided training to a multidisciplinary team of clinical professionals on study research protocols. It was whilst her working life that Farah began a BSc in Psychology and Biology and subsequently volunteered as a volunteer psychology student on a two-day basis with the two leading London Hospitals (Chelsea and Westminster and the Royal Brompton). It was here where she worked very closely with two chartered clinical/health psychologists involving two separate projects, one in young children with Cystic Fibrosis and Compliance and the other one in Attachment and Aggression in Siblings with Learning Difficulties, where she conducted a series of semi-structured questionnaire interviews with the clients. Farah then pursued her training as a Health Psychologist with City University London by firstly completing her MSc in Health Psychology and then by secondly finishing her doctorate in health psychology whilst juggling work and family life. It was during this time as a trainee health psychologist on the doctorate programme that she carried out a range of behavioural and healthy eating interventions. The first one involving a diverse children’s and parent population from the Latin community in North London in collaboration with the London Teaching Health Network and the second one in an 8-week healthy eating intervention with a semi-professional football organisation in greater London for under 11’s footballers. It was whilst during her time there that she worked closely with the under 11 players, the football association coaches, the catering staff and parents on a one to one basis regarding healthier food choices. Since graduating in 2017 Farah as worked amongst community groups in presenting topics on healthier choices and promoting psychology and science in a girl’s schools project for ‘Women in Industry’ within Windsor. She has also set up her own company called Regency Health Consultancy Limited and currently works for University of Leeds amongst a multidisciplinary team of clinical professionals in a real-world patient data clinical trial involving ultrasound and a target to treat approach in rheumatoid arthritis patients who are in remission. Farah’s experience is varied, her knowledge and background places her in an ideal position to work with variety of client groups. Farah’s interests lie in healthy eating, body image and patient adherence. She has a registered licentiateship in Homeopathy, is a member of the British Psychological Society, is registered with the HCPC and is a chartered health psychologist.


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