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Assessment / Cognitive Profiling

Assessment/cognitive profiling of children and young people for legal purposes

  • Evaluation of the cognitive abilities of children and young people to help the Courts in making the right decisions on their behalf

Assessment/cognitive profiling for medical purposes to inform decision making for patients

  • Cognitive evaluations of patients requested by their medical practitionersto facilitate the right decisions to be made regarding their needs, for example, assessment before and after a treatment programme

Assessment/cognitive profiling for medico legal purposes to inform decisions in legal procedures

  • Carry out the assessments that help the decision making process such as for compensations after accidents and personal injury, and assessment of capacity in adults in court cases

Assessment/cognitive profiling for immigration and migration purposes

  • Psychological assessment to inform the process of immigration. For example, carrying out the assessments for children with special educational needs, or children/young people who are moving abroad with their families and who may have special requirements for which psychological assessment is needed to support the application process.
  • Psychological assessment of children to support their application to a new school in the UK or abroad

Assessment/cognitive profiling of social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties in children

  • Evaluations of children’s behaviour and their social and emotional needs to inform appropriate intervention and support

Consultations regarding educational needs

  • Problem solving meetings in which parents/carers or teachers discuss difficulties with which children/young people present, to explore what can be done to address the issues, for example, through assessment and intervention

Consultations regarding occupational needs

  • Problem solving meetings in which employees/employers discuss with psychologists issues within the workplace that need to be addressed and to discuss possible interventions

IQ testing for educational and occupational purposes

  • Cognitive ability testing to inform educational or occupational processes such as applications for school or work

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